TEACHING Tomorrows Global Leader TODAY!
ILCHS is a tuition free institution that aims to prepare the young men and women of the Bronx not only for the demands of higher education, but also for leading lives of meaning. ILCHS students represent some of the world’s future leaders, and our teaching philosophy provides powerful learning experiences that stress engagement, discovery, and the active application of learning to the world around us. Our students thrive because they have arrive a desire to learn, and we instill in them the knowledge and confidence to seek answers.
Our goals call for an academically rigorous program aligned to New York Annual Yearly Progress requirements. The ILCHS five year goals are as follows (please refer to ILCHS Annual Report):
  • ILCHS shall meet AYP requirements in ELA, Mathematics and Science as measured by the NYS Regents examinations.
  • 90% of students who seat for Regents examinations in ELA, Mathematics and Science will have a 20% higher pass rate on the NYS Regents Examinations than high schools in the community school district in which they are located.
  • 90% of students enrolled continuously at ILCHS from grades 9 through 12 will graduate within 4 years.
  • 90% or more of ILCHS students will achieve an average daily attendance of 85% or better.
ILCHS, the first public charter high school in the Bronx, opened its doors on September 11th, 2006, to serve 88 9th grade students. 
Within three years, ILCHS was recognized as:
  • The 2nd best performing charter school in New York City;
  • The 7th best performing New York City public school; and
  • A school landing in the top 1% of schools in New York City receiving an 'A' rating on the NYC Department of Education Progress Report. 
Only a year later, the first graduating class at ILCHS saw 95% of students graduate, many of whom proudly went on to be the first in their family to attend college.  This accomplishment has continued each year, culminating in the US News & World Report naming ILCHS one of the "Best High Schools of 2013."
This success continues to be possible due to the commitment of the ILCHS family not only to its own upward trajectory, but also to that of the community it serves.