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sahrusg_qaziSahrish Qazi
Class of 2011, attending Manhattan College

Major: Communication
Where is your internship? Gluttony - Social Media Intern
How did you decide on which opportunity to pursue? After applying to a whole bunch of places, I felt that interning at Gluttony would be a good choice since it is a small agency. Small places are good to start in, and building strong relationships from there are essential.
How did you obtain the internship? The first thing I did was work on my resume until I was satisfied with it (the Career Center helped a lot), then I went online and looked at some places that Career Services recommended and applied to about as many places as I thought were the right fit for me.
What has been the most rewarding part of your experience? The most rewarding part of my experience was meeting new people and learning about what it is like to be out in the “real world.”
What advice would you give to those looking for similar opportunities? Keep on looking at different internships; the first one you get might not be your dream place to intern, but there are a lot of other opportunities out there. Building connections is also a key factor in this field, so make sure to be nice!

Michael Caro
Class of 2012, attending SUNY New Paltz

Kelvin Alvarado
Class of 2012, attending CUNY Baruch College 

Jenay Wright
Class of 2012, attending Columbia College of Chicago

Jenniffer Miereles
Class of 2012, attending Niagara University



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