June 10, 2014

Maria Castro - mother of a 10th grade student
The school has developed quite well and the new project of the new school facility will provide more opportunities and resources to the students. The teachers are very good and help students to progress academically. The school administration has very good communication with parents. I am very grateful that this school exists.

My name is María García – mother of a 9th grade student
I am the mother of Luis Beltre and every day I thank God that my son attends the International Leadership Charter High School, an academically excellent school. They have friendly and respectable staff who are educating my son to become a successful man in the future. Thank you very much for the opportunity, and I hope that other children have this same blessing of attending this wonderful school. 

Sucela De Los Santos mother of a 9th grade student  
I want to express my gratitude to the staff of the International Leadership Charter High School for my daughter Emely De Los Santos’s academic growth. We as parents of an ILCHS student are happy to have chosen this school for our daughter.

Carmen Carbonel - mother of a student of 9th grade
I am a mother of a student at school, and I am very thankful for the school and how they resolve any situation related to parents and students. They have a high level of academic excellence with students’ progress. I really am pleased with the communication with parents.

Ivelise Morel - mother of a 11th grade student
I've always been a mother worried about the education and safety of my son. For me and my family it was a blessing to have found the International Leadership Charter High School. Since my son has been enrolled at ILCHS, I feel secure because of the  high  academic  preparation  that my son is receiving, and I am confident that he will be ready to  attend the  college  of his choice.
Jenny Jaquez - mother of a student in 11th grade
My name is Jenny Jaquez and I have a son, Jamil Jaquez, currently in the 11th grade. Since the ninth grade ILCHS’s progress within has been wonderful. ILCHS is one of the best Charter Schools, complete and efficient, located in the Bronx and, in my opinion, in all of New York. ILCHS has a high quality team of teachers, administrators, and counselors, which is reflected in each of our children. They have a full academic program that includes the teaching of a foreign language. The teachers are always willing to collaborate in the intellectual perfecting of their students.  ILCHS is excellent in the handling of possible unknown situations that can present themselves and they are willing to cooperate.  Dr. Elaine Ruiz Lopez’s school is very responsible and honest. Last but not least, security within the campus allows for a safe learning environment. The best word to define ILCHS is ‘Efficiency’.

Juana De La Cruz - mother of a student in 11th grade
International Leadership Charter High School is, for me, an oasis in this area of the Bronx that I thank God for.  The commitment, determination, and dedication of every member of the Administration to developing young people for the future with the intellectual ability to achieve their goals and be youth beneficial to our society is excellent. I am very grateful for  how the school has worked with my daughter.

Pear Corbin – mother of a 9th grade student
ILCHS is innovative in pursuing its goal of being one of the best charter high schools in NYC and across the nation. Security cannot be beat and their communicating with parents is cutting edge.

Jocelin Rodriguez mother of a 9th grade student
International Leadership Charter High School is very academically driven. I really like the school hours, from 7:55am to 4:30pm, which gives the students a lot of time to learn. I embrace the fact that the school is rigorous with uniform code and provides students with a rigorous academic program.  Next year I would love to see more extracurricular activities such as sports, chess, etc. All administrators, staff, and teachers are doing an excellent job with students and parents, helping them throughout the year. I highly recommend ILCHS. Thank you for your hard work.

Reneldia Iciano mother of a 12th grade student
International Leadership Charter High School is the best high school in New York. My oldest daughter graduated from there two years ago. Now my other daughter, Jessica, is graduating this year and this upcoming academic year my son will be attending. God bless this school which promotes education as a tool for success in life. I’m very grateful because a school like ILCHS makes a difference in the lives of many people. 

June 03, 2014

9th & 10th Grade June 2 - June 6 Lunch Menu Wk of 6.2.14 PDF

11th & 12th Grade

Healthy Meals for a Healthier Me!
The new year is a great time to incorporate healthier foods into your diet! Eating meals that include lots of fruits and vegetables, like school meals, are a great way to increase the amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber that help keep your body going. Don't forget to make them half your plate!