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Summer Internship blog: What are your plans this summer? Tips for Writing a Cover Letter and Resume
Basics required: cover letters and resumes
Resumes are your true personal profiles (sorry Facebook), they reflect what you have done, and can give potential employers an idea of what type of person you are and where you are heading in your career, education etc. Applying to a potential internship and or potential job is so much easier and quicker when you have an updated, ready-to-go, resume.
Make sure to update your resume every time you:
  • Receive an award, certificate, or recognition
  • Complete an academic milestone (honors, honor society, award, dean/presidential list)
  • Volunteer and do community services
  • Join a club, organization, or program (mentorship program, fraternity/sorority, student gov.)
  • Get a job promotion or start a new job
Check out these websites for help
Cover letters:
Cover letters can be tricky and believe or not, hard to write sometimes. Cover letters tend to change depending on where you’re applying. Here are some websites you can reference on writing cover letters
You can always google more references; you can ask a professor for help, or meet with on campus advisor for some pointers.


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