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7 Helpful Tips for The Middle of the Semester: Going After The “A”

Spring break is approaching fast and so are midterms. The year is almost over and soon after, we will be graced with the presence of finals (yay!). So right now, it’s all about the focus, passing all test, exams, essays, and project that we are assigned and participating. Here are some helpful tips on making it to the finish line, hunkering down and getting that passing grade.

1. Set your mind to it: Prepare yourself, set your mind up to pass, take time to put in the work to study, do any extra credits, and time manage to complete all (especially all major assignments) before and by the designated due date. Don’t let yourself slack off because the semester is almost over.
2. Know where you are: Meet with your professor’s one on one to discuss where you can improve your grade and know where you are in their class.
3. Know your deadlines: Make sure to know and write out any and all future exams, test, essays, projects; all major assignments especially those that are of high percentage towards your grade.
4. Study: Make sure it’s your mission to score 100 (if possible, higher) on upcoming test and exams, projects and papers (set your goal grade, if it be 80, 90, or 100 but it has to be achievable).
5. Participate: Be aware of you’re in class participation. Being present is not enough; you could be silently losing points.
6. Take your time: Take your time to do all assignments, readings, and note taking so that you get graded for you quality work and efforts.
7. Keep your goal in mind!



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