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5 Best Recommendation letters: Knowing who to ask
Recommendations are essential for applying to jobs, internships, colleges, higher positions, etc. Knowing who to ask and when are important features to getting recommendations that you may need done on time and written by the best people. Here are some tips on who to ask for a recommendation.
1. Professors that you have taken courses with more than once: Asking a professor that knows you, knows your works, and liked having you as a student are contributing factors to a great recommendation.  Pick a professor whose class you contributed to and enjoyed taking. It is best to ask a professor for a recommendation when you are applying to academic … like internships, organizations/clubs or honor societies.
2. Internship supervisors: If you have prior internship experience, ask your internship supervisor for a recommendation.
3. Principals and Vice-principals: This can be the Principal or vice-principal of your former high school. If you know the principal, VP, dean, and or director of the department of your major, go ahead and ask for recommendations.
4. Supervisors at your job: You can ask your company, supervisor, and or manager for a recommendation or a prior work place. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
5. President of a club or organization that you are a member of: Extracurricular activities matter. If you are part of a club, org, or program in or outside of school, then ask for a recommendation. This will show great character and further highlight what you spend your free time doing outside of work and school.


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