January 20, 2015
Northeast Charter Schools Network

The 30 Schools in 30 Days project will highlight a different New York State charter school each day, featuring each school's successes, and the challenges that come from being denied access to state facilities funding. Perhaps most important, each school leader has a message for state lawmakers in Albany: please find a solution to the facilities funding problem and allow ALL of the state's charter schools access to building aid this year.


January 17, 2015

Scholars March to Post Office

Our 12th grade scholars at the International Leadership Charter High School marched in unison to their local post office to mail their college applications. One by one, our scholars dropped their envelopes off, saying it's something they've spent months preparing for. The postal workers and members of the community cheered them on. It's a particularly big moment for some who say they will be the first members of their families to go to college. Approximately 40 out of 59 scholars returned last week from their winter break and have proudly reported that they have already received college acceptances. Read more.