English I
The 9th Grade English 1 course emphasizes the development of communication skills, including grammar, composition, and vocabulary. Students develop writing skills through various types of composing: paragraphs, essays, business letters, poetry, memoir, etc. Our 9th graders will encounter a variety of literary genres (short story, poetry, drama, novel, etc) and develop an understanding of how the craft of writing has changed throughout history.

Integrated Algebra

This course covers topics typically treated in a first-year Algebra course. It includes Regent’s Integrated Algebra as an introductory course, which covers the fundamental topics of Algebra. Some of the topics included are: Equation, Inequalities, Functions, Linear Functions, System of Equation and Inequalities, Exponents and Polynomials, Factoring Polynomials, Quadratic Functions and Equation, Exponential Functions, and Data Analysis and Probability.

Global History I
Global History I is the first class of a comprehensive study of global history that covers the period of Prehistory to the modern world. This course will cover from Prehistory through the Age of Exploration. This course will include the knowledge and social science skills that students will need to understand the past and the world today. It will also reinforce and develop vital skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language.

Living Environment
Living Environment is the study of the living and the non-living environment and the ways in which they influence each other. The influence humans have on the environment, both in positive and negative ways. The mechanisms used by both unicellular and multicellular organisms to maintain homeostasis and the importance of preserving biodiversity to ensure the survival of mankind.

The 9th Grade YLA course emphasizes the of development of the ILCHS culture, healthy study habits, and interest in higher education. Students develop reading skills through interpreting a variety of text including: articles, speeches, biographies and memoirs. Our 9th graders will develop interest in college and higher education options.