English II
The English 2 is a continuance of the journey from last year, the road to mastery of English language skills. We will focus, again, on the development of communication skills, including grammar, composition, and vocabulary. We will continue our drive toward excellence in writing through various types of composing: paragraphs, essays, business letters, poetry, memoir, etc. We will also to turn our focus on the argumentative essay and advanced research papers in preparation for life beyond high school. This year we will encounter a variety of literary genres (short story, poetry, drama, novel, etc.) from a variety of writers both classic and contemporary. This class is taught collaboratively with Global History 2 with the goal of preparing for the Global History II exam in the spring. We will see how the course of human events has been impacted by both the written and spoken word, as well as how writing and great books have changed the world. Students will be encouraged to practice critical thinking and analytic skills to help process today’s social media, current events and politics in preparation to take their place as responsible global citizens.

Algebra II/Trigonometry

This course reviews and deepens understanding of Algebra 1 concepts and covers the more advanced topics of Algebra 2 and trigonometry. Topics included are: relations and functions, quadratic equations, exponents and radicals, complex numbers, trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions and conic sections. An emphasis is placed on mathematical modeling and applying skills to solve word problems. Successful students in this course take Advanced Pre-calculus in the following year and will then be well-prepared for calculus as college freshmen.

Global History II
The class is designed to be a continued comprehensive study of global issues from the time known as Pre-History, leading up to and exploring the Dawn of Civilization and the rise of various kingdoms and Empires. The class will also examine the emergence of the Modern World, the Age of Revolutions, and the global conflicts. We will also discuss the world today and what it means for us.

Regents Chemistry is an introductory course, which covers the fundamental topics of chemistry. Some of the topics included are: Matter and Change, Atomic Structure, Covalent Bonding, Acids and Bases, the Gas laws, Stoichiometry, Electrochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry.

The Youth Leadership Advisory (YLA) course in ILCHS is a strand of Social Studies which focuses on civics and preparing students to become responsible global citizens. The YLA course will touch upon many topics and issues relating to current events, as well as history. It will also prepare students to be college and career ready by teaching them skills, such as time management, research, college essay writing and resume writing.